_Make hay while the sun shines

Let’s me start with the last post on a positive note; positivity isn’t just what we arrived at by mere certainties rather it is what we have slaved to achieve through our belief system with all hopes high. As we dream of a better future in our life amidst new year resolutions with a baggage of expectations, truly our efforts, struggles, and experiences are vital in whatever decision we make. However, societal pressure plays a bigger role but that isn’t an excuse to feel detached from our dreams. To have survived this long means the game is changing and we could do better by bringing our A game in all. Yea,  being positive will definitely help us to see the brighter side in our current endeavors. Perhaps, we should also make hay while the sun shines.

In my last post, I have mentioned my experience in Japan as whole but didn’t share much of the individuality of experiences encountered during my stay. I traveled to Osaka to experience what the street look like alongside the glamouring most talked nightlife. It doesn’t take long to notice the crowdedness as the year is slowly coming to an end while hopping on the bullet train from Tokyo. At my arrival in Osaka station, I took the public mass train to downtown Namba where I had my first Takoyaki after a long queue. Having my snacks while walking on Dontonbori area was an amazing feeling to start with. I walked through the street to find a nice pub of choice though I observed that there were quite huge numbers of them in fact beyond my expectation I couldn’t even settle for one of my planned choices …that sums up the lifestyles and nightlife engagement in this place. Osaka nightlife is one of the classic places to visit if you ever made it to Japan.

Next day I left Osaka for Kyoto where I visited one shrine known for a divine water drinking spot. It was fascinating to finally, see how significant this site seems to describe many characters of divinity and spiritual forms of blessings for people seeking love, success and life longevity. I quickly join the long queue with my curious mind on alert. I found myself inspired by what I experienced as a tradition which I respected and appreciated. Nonetheless, these are people from different cultural, religious, political and cultural background that has come together by chance to enjoy their respective adventures.

Looking at the beautiful landscape of Kyoto with the tower portraiting significant glamours in the moonlight. I felt peace and I really enjoy every glimpse of the scenery. Speaking of my admiration, Kyoto stood out as one of the tourists most visited, likewise known for its divinity with the presence of monasteries and shrines which shed more light on the deeply-rooted tradition of the Japanese dynasties era. Back to reality, 3 weeks has gone behind us as the year started and heading to the East Lunar New Year in few days to now. Moreover, be reminded that nothing will unwind our miseries if we don’t fight it, opportunities with hard work are the powerful delight that eases our way to the top. The life they say is a mirage, more like an adventure to me because you are always on the lookout for what’s next. Don’t let your weakness or failure get the best of you. Have confident in yourself, have faith in whatever you believe in and be proudly in all.

Until you hear from me again. Please enjoy the loads, Ade, as you know, is massively feeling the grace in the house. Keep on reading and see ya all soonest.

To all my Chinese and Asian friends – Happy Chinese New Year !!! Kung Hei Fat Choi !!!

Wish the Year of Rooster comes with abundant wealth, good health, and prosperities.

Adebayo_in_the_house 🙂

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