Being positive #2017glory

When you got stuck in life one valuable things you should learn to uphold is being positive irrespective of whatever outcomes you end up with. My personal experiences of “How I get to this junction” though debatable base on your personal reflections without holding back …haha! Technically, time has been used as a phrase of ambush either good or bad; we all encountered life in a very different way which has inculcated a habit on our daily adventures. This time last year, I took off from work for leisure in Japan. After all year long at work, taking a break for real to start the new year positively. One thing I could remember was I needed to make a better switch from what I was currently doing back then. Although the job on hand served as the bridge to reconnect me to the real world that I believe in more…to be in the academia.

I head off straight to Japan with positive energy while waiting for a post-graduate admission result. I traveled to various cities in Japan as planned, there were great moments of love, joys, and friends reunion during the travels. To sum it all, I was just living on hope though hard work first and stay back wait for the right time to pull things through. I came back getting my admission letter not later than 3 weeks at the beginning of the year. No man is an island of knowledge, no one knows it all… we are all shepherds of our own soul. What count is our readiness to fight back with this dynamic universe of ours, being positive can settle one with high hopes but you still need to put various work into it?

I can’t imagine a life lived on false hope, I have always learned my lesson in a very hard way and willing to share to others to learn from my experiences. My take away point from the whole conversation is be steadfast, hold on to your strength, work on your weaknesses, belief in yourself and reach out to people. You never know who could help, as my favorite friend always tell me, don’t limit yourself no matter what you are going through. We all learn our life lesson at a respective point in life, which shapes what we are and how we have responded to adversities.

I have to mention this, God has been my inspiration in all conditions of my life endeavors. Nothing will have been accomplished without his direction. I have been very grateful for the opportunities I have, for the friends I met and overall for the journey I am currently feeling adventurous. It’s never over my friend, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” admit it… there is more to live than just bread and survival. We all have high hopes in all our respective endeavors and that’s the positive sign of how we have grown with time. Never say die, as 2017 is around the corner and we all look for a breakthrough, successes, increased wealth, good health and bounties of opportunities.

Wish every one of us a joyous year ahead and may all our wishes and high dreams come through … stay tuned as the time phase out!

Happy New Year !!!

2017 My Year of Glory …. say yours if you aim for one.

dsc_9131Gala Yuzawa Skiing Resort in Japan, 2.5 hours by Bullet train from Tokyo Dec 2015

Ade in the house ~~~Gotta holds on it right!

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