Tales by Moonlight of ME

I am about to tell you a bit of the storyline of how events shape up since my arrival to the city of Hong Kong (HK) a couple of years ago. Sometimes you need to tell your real story at the right time so that people can learn from it in the right sense. Experience is the best teacher they say, yet there are personal reflections about what shapes your attitude and opinion on decisions that affect your daily life relations with others. Before HK, I was a college graduate teaching for survival though events couldn’t be better considering the opportunities around in spite of all effort. Don’t let me make it sound pathetic, but survival back in those years was based on giving your best shot and having less in return. Every morning I set off to the cyber cafe in search for admission in foreign countries as I applied to loads of universities. Luckily enough I was admitted into one of the universities in Hong Kong which is the reason why I am sounding a horn to share with you how life could be sometimes.

I bet you won’t recognize me from the pictures I will share with you at the end of the blog. I came to Hong Kong in Aug 2007 as an undergraduate student with honors to study for a bachelors’ degree program. At the completion of my studies, I started working in a social organization as I missed out on securing a scholarship to study for a post-graduate research program at the International University of Japan and the University of Kent in Belgium concurrently. Amidst of this disappointment to settle in academia, I carried on with my social service job while trying to figure out the next thing on the agenda. The year 2012, was another outstanding year that would have changed the rhetoric for the better, sadly, my admission to the United Nations University in Costa Rica could only offer half tuition scholarship which wasn’t enough to cater for my studies in the region. Another opportunity slipped away which made things even more complicated than ever. I had become so worried and my attention had been divided on many standpoints that I had come to realize that it was affecting the job on hand back then. I could have been a social worker by joining a social work program but I didn’t want to limit my career to Hong Kong. That took me another two years to figure out. However, the painful experiences were the work battles that I had to face even with a degree were just fruitless to start with. I became angry with myself and how things had shaped up especially when summing up my experience with the local people while studying and at work. Why can’t people just accept other nationalities easily without hurdles? Don’t get me wrong, I have been lucky with everything I have in HK but honestly, it didn’t come with ease. For those who have read my blog on Being positive #2017glory they will definitely agree with me on this statement.

I was bothered not just about survival because I didn’t plan to stay longer in the city after graduation. I had a big dream of becoming somebody someday and just surviving wasn’t enough. The drive to live a fulfilled life with happiness has been the push to go back to school for a better change. No condition is ever permanent, they are just the driver that trigger success. I can’t tell you how much depressed I was in those periods of time yet I still lived like any other individual. I believe that one-day things are going to be better with relentless effort on countless situations. I quit my social service job in order to find a new area of interest …though that took longer than expected and it became frustrating. I became so desperate that I just wanted to find anything for survival’s sake. That’s the point in life when you feel like you are completely done, but trust me you are not completely down.

I bounced back for good at the beginning of the year 2015, with various travels across China, South Korea, Taiwan and finally Japan in Dec 2015. As I remarked, smiles of optimism and positive outcomes became the order of the new year. The old era became past and the new era shaping up the good fortune. Everything started off pretty well in the year 2016, and I thank God almighty for counting me as part of the wonderful blessings. Perhaps, my parents in the background have been the inspiration and support at all levels. Never write off yourself, there is always something remaining for you to tap on….

College years
My High School teaching  practice days
Undergraduate days
Graduation period
Social Service Farewell for a Colleague
Joining a Marriage Function
In Taiwan
In South Korea
Hong Kong

So never give up on yourself, even when the sky is coming down. Fly the flags of hope amidst of hopelessness. “No retreat no surrender” that’s the spirit and everything shall come true soonest.  That’s my latest digest, hope you enjoy reading 🙂

Ade is joyful and happy to share while living his word experiences in the press house …let’s find out !!!


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