Being a Permanent Resident and its peril #Hong Kong. Nov 1st Delight

Over the years, Hong Kong has truly lived up to her dreams since the post-1997 handover to Mainland China (中国). The city is rated as one of the freest economies in the world. Apart from that Hong Kong has been designated as the financial hub in the Asia region now faces competition from cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and even Singapore. There are many perils in the Hong Kong community as a whole but I am going to cite just one that influences me the most.

As a sharing economy, Hong Kong role is not limited as the landmark for future technology transfers and refined innovations.The city openness to trade & further development has not only improve her international status but also as a hallmark of hospitality for business opportunities worldwide. With a relax immigration law, Hong Kong visa is said to be the easiest among visa issued around the world. How did the eligibility process of allowing a mass of people in & out play out in benefit to one of the world-renowned capitalist economy? Professionals, as they are called, are given special priorities to live/work in the city for future mutual gains. Thus, this flexibility to businesses, the management of various wealth and people are one of the reason companies either private or public sector venture into recruiting professionals in order to standardize their respective trade and at the same time to maintain by controlling the market leads. That said, recruiting agencies, both local and international, are the forces behind this lucrative development.

Here comes the grey area, finding a job of one’s choice after graduation has suddenly become the hardest task of all time. The stress encountered alone in the job hunting process can be very frustrating, to begin with… without exception, graduate employment here in Hong Kong as a non-local (international) is very hard to predict in the first place. Speaking of which grade or competencies were supposed to be the important prerequisite to employment instead language fluency has become the order of the day. I know of an African brother, a Ph.D. graduate in Engineering who finally decide to go back to Africa due to unemployment owing to the basis of language.  I was opportune to understand this dilemma through visits to various forum among non-locals where they openly shared their job hunting encounters.  We might as well admit that the city tightening up the grip to protect the local citizens (Hong Kongers) from competition from Mainland and Overseas professionals are probably perceived differently base on individual projections. Although it sounds an alarm on the question of fairness and sentiment against people of various ethnic background that are not considered as the local indigene. At this point, one’s permanent status cannot move the mountain of prejudice or whatever reasons behind the denials. Shame !!!

Hong Kong Government and the immigration department keeps rolling out permanent residencies and passports on yearly basis to those who apply after spending good solid legal 7 years in the city.  How is that playing out? Put it in another word, does that truly speak of their tolerance and multi diversity in the city. Myself as a case example, I had my permanent residency since 2014. Aside from the residency status, I have not enjoyed any special privileges aside the immigration free pass when traveling out of the city. My job hunting experiences candidly terrible, one filled with full-fledged waves of anger.One lady recruiter once told me on the phone that she cannot even read through my profile because I am not a Hong Kong people. After convincing her by speaking for about 10 minutes before she then recommends me for the position on the request. Many instances of this ill-related treatment to non-locals are not worthy of the image the city has built in years. I do acknowledge the local struggles and hard work for the progress of where they call home. Strictly speaking, I am not a critic of the Hong Kong culture or this capitalist everyday work idea. Rather, I am sharing my dissatisfaction and frustrations haven live in the city for a decade and yeah, this is what the experience looks like. The question I want to address here is, to what permanent is “the permanency status” … Heard one’s permanent status can be revoked in case of misbehaviors. I am open for answers on this “permanent status of a thing” I do not expect a miracle to happen overnight but one thing I believe for sure is the people’s consensus. Maybe its fine to say that “Hong Kong is not about the City” instead it is about the people because they make the city what it currently is. To be continue…

Happy New Month Folks 🙂

Greetings to Y’all and sorry for not writing lately, because I have loads of thing going on in my life recently. I will try to upload it all bit-by-bit with time. Enjoy the Nov delight and hope to hear your recommendations soon….

Ade is proud to be in the house Tonight ….Hooyah !

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    1. Thank you A’eesha, I ‘ll provide further updates on Hong Kong with time. Speaking of first Hong Kong history, there are books or articles online for deeper understanding of its background and lifestyles…


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