A Year after Graduation?


It’s been a year since I graduated from my Masters program at Lingnan University Hong Kong. November 23rd 2017, I had my graduation ceremony for the completion of Master of Science in Electronic Business & Supply Chain Management. It was the most joyous moment to also celebrate my tenth year in the city. My Hong Kong journey started from this university. I thank to God almighty for all the blessings in my life. Equally, I owe it all to this great institution for the opportunities and the accommodation to Hong Kong. I am proud to be a Lingnanian !! 

Graduation picture taken in Stanley Hong Kong
Gold Coast Barbecue Gathering and Celebrations with my homies
Lingnan University Phd Buddies

Officially, I graduated in July 2017 but only started work in September 2017. I was very lucky to have worked for one of Singapore’s e-commerce company at the time. I spent 5 months in this company to understand the most basic approaches to electronic business across different national borders. I made few local friends who supported me throughout my stay in the company. I am indebted to you all for each of you has contributed partly to my journey in one way or the other.

Quantum Solution Dec 2017
Kwun Tong All you can eat Farewell with my Then Colleagues

Year 2018 starts with a banger. I joined, KUKRI Sports Hong Kong,  a top international sports company & official merchandise sponsors of the Rugby League around the world. I am saddled with the responsibility of overseeing all logistics proceedings which includes inbound & outbound shipments across Asia and planning of the Hong Kong Sevens (HK7’s) annual event. The 7’s is the most celebrated events annually in Hong Kong. Good news, I am solely in charge of all the merchandise as I manage all the company’s warehouse to date. The bad news being overwhelmed with the workload I inherited the very first day I commenced work in the company. For someone like myself with e-commerce and supply chain experience, I adapted well to the play.

So Kong Po Hong Kong Stadium

My first challenge was preparing for the HK7’s in April 2018. I was not only in charge of the planning but also the coordinator of all resources including manpower needed at the stadium. For once, I felt deeply the weight of the tasks ahead of me. I worked under an extreme pressure in order to meet up with various demands and unexpected contingencies. Before my masters, I had few years experience of work in an recreational/event company yet never been the focal person in charge. For the 7’s, I was fully in charge of all processes ranging from stocks movements to booth settings. My work place is in the Southern Horizon of Hong Kong but I had switched to resume work in the Causeway Bay Stadium three weeks before the competition began. At times, I had to ran from floor to floor juggling between one schedules to the other. My phone won’t stop ringing because I had to attend to all calls from individual suppliers either for deliveries or services. However, I was fortunate to have worked with 5-6 temporary staffs to assist me during the event. 

The Pitch during the Rugby Match

The HK7’s event planning was one of my busiest moment  to start with. Speaking of which required occasional checks and movement from one location to the other. Honestly, I had no time to eat my breakfast and when I do, it was already noon. The minute I set my foot in the stadium, I immediately got entangled with work. The 2018 HK7’s was my first at the highest stage. The competition was a 3-day event from Friday to Sunday but the build up before these days were enormous. Company was very helpful to have booked a mini hotel near by the stadium. On the night before the first day of the competition, there was a police late night check so I was the very last person to leave the stadium few minutes before 12 a.m. Honestly, I was extremely tired by the time I got back to the hotel.

The 2018 7’s to some extent has helped me to unravelled few mysteries at the time. In fact, the power of teamwork can’t be overemphasised.  On a positive note, no one is perfect in all, as human, we all make mistakes. I have learnt my lessons and that has been incredibly beneficial to my performance lately.  Life is a battle. You just need to discover yourself truly before others do. I am glad to have experienced this great event myself and super excited to share with you all. If any of you ever visit Hong Kong in April, I recommend you to make time for the rugby sevens annual event. This is a once in a life time event you can’t afford to miss. 

So far so good, this is my life after graduation. My drive to life is still in check. I will never stop upgrading myself. Time is everything. No dreams is small or too big to nurse, you just need to put in the work. One day it will surely payoff. Keep your dreams alive!!!

In the meantime, thank you all for reading and don’t forget to drop me any comments if you are interested to know bit about the season rugby events. I will be glad to hear you out. 

Ade In the House 🙂




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