I have enough on my plate

What’s your thought about relationships? Mine is more of a drastic ending. Since the time I came to Hong Kong, I have never officially started any relationships as most of it is either by acquaintances or close friends.  In a long time, I have not thought about the future or what I wanted from it instead I went with the flow. I am a loyalist and I meant that for real. I have always let myself wondering about the next chapter whenever I am in a relationship.

Who do I date and the possibility of getting a glimpse into the future together seems to be the order of the day. Nothing wrong with that but emotional swings is hard to deal with. At some point, It sinks me deeply that I start losing my shit. I even noticed that I have not really given 100% attention of my time to capitalize on my own thought instead I spend my time thinking about my social caucuses. I wish I could be selfish for a second by distancing myself completely with it for a while.

I have many issues of greater concerns that should take my time off this entanglement but I am not given up the ghost. I have gradually given it a thought and If I am considering one this time. I have to be clear about it as I got more than enough on my plate.

Thank you guys for taking your time to read through, any thought or idea on relationships will be more than appreciated.

With respect

Ade in the House

2 thoughts on “I have enough on my plate

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think relationships are important for human development but the selection must be made with careful consideration, otherwise they bring great discomfort and as you said may distract you from chasing important goals. But when you find the right one, it just flows and adds value into your life, as it should be when it is real.

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