I have enough on my plate

What's your thought about relationships? Mine is more of a drastic ending. Since the time I came to Hong Kong, I have never officially started any relationships as most of it is either by acquaintances or close friends.  In a long time, I have not thought about the future or what I wanted from it... Continue Reading →

A Year after Graduation?

It's been a year since I graduated from my Masters program at Lingnan University Hong Kong. November 23rd 2017, I had my graduation ceremony for the completion of Master of Science in Electronic Business & Supply Chain Management. It was the most joyous moment to also celebrate my tenth year in the city. My Hong... Continue Reading →

Tales by Moonlight of ME

I am about to tell you a bit of the storyline of how events shape up since my arrival to the city of Hong Kong (HK) a couple of years ago. Sometimes you need to tell your real story at the right time so that people can learn from it in the right sense. Experience... Continue Reading →


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